The Business Research Company

The Business Research Company(ザ・ビジネス・リサーチ・カンパニー)
  • 主な調査対応産業:航空・防衛、農業、化学、建設、電子、金融サービス、食品、医療、IT、金属、製薬、材料など多様
  • 主な調査対応地域:グローバル
The Business Research Company provides you with information and insight for every step of your business planning.
We provide hard data and actionable insight to support your marketing strategy, from identifying market opportunities to targeting customers, designing products and services, preempting competitors, assessing channels, and refining promotions and pricing. We do this through:

Our 1000+ Global Industry Research Reports provide strategic insights and analysis on 27 industries, 2,500+ market segments and 60+ geographies globally. We produce the world’s most complete selection of reports, covering 90% of the global GDP and population — from accounting services to zoological gardens and from Americas to Asia Pacific.

[Customized Research]
The Business Research Company research solutions help you through every step of your market expansion strategy. From identifying and understanding your customers, fine tuning the marketing mix, choosing market opportunities, to outsmarting your competitors, you can trust us to partner with you in creating a winning strategy.

[Virtual Teams]
The Business Research Company services support research houses, consultancies and in-house teams with their market information and analysis needs. They start from data gathering and desk research to include in depth interviews, market modelling and financial analysis. Alternatively we can pull everything together into white labelled research reports and presentations which are ready to share with your clients.

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