• 主な調査対応産業:電子、IT/通信、消費財、自動車、製薬、ヘルスケア、環境、エネルギー、建設、材料、化学など多様
  • 主な調査対応地域:グローバル
DataMarketResearch is a global professional and depth research and survey company mainly focus global industry chain market data and information service for clients all over the world, it ofer details data by players(generally TOP30) by regions (United States Europe China Japan India South East Asia etc.) by Product Type(generally more than 3 kinds product type) and by applications. as a professional market survey company, it have a rich experience team who know well about second hand survey and first hand interview method, and DataMarketResearch also has a strong survey network cover US EU Asia global key regions and cover these regions government statistic agencies, import export data, industry associations, key public companies finance reports and industry leading third part data providers. Besides second hand data, DataMarketResearch pay more attention to primary survey method with rich experience on phone interview, face to face interview, group conference, headhunting interview and so on. These first hand checking method help DataMarketResearch offer better and higher quality market research service for clients all over the world.