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◆英語タイトル:India E Pharmacy Market Opportunity Outlook 2024
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*** レポート概要(サマリー)***

“India E Pharmacy Market Opportunity Outlook 2024” Report Highlights:
* Overview of Internet Usage and E – Commerce in India
* Vital Aspects of the Indian E – Pharmacy Industry
* Telemedicine and E – Pharmacy
* Opportunities in the Indian E – Pharmacy Market: US$ 3 Billion
* Types of E – Pharmacy Business Models
* E – Pharmacy Supply Chain Overview
* Consumer Behavior Analysis and E – Pharmacy Market Potential

E- Commerce has today become a thriving industry in India, with stiff competition among global and domestic industry giants like Amazon and Flipkart to gain major portion of the market share. Among the several segments of e-commerce, one that remains widely untapped with tremendous potential in the future is the online pharmacy market or E-Pharmacy.

E-pharmacies are recent entrants in the Indian e-commerce industry landscape, with it receiving increased attention from government and investors in the last three to five years. Today, the E-pharmacy market potential is worth over a Billion dollar with more than 30 startups assisting the growth of this segment in various regions of India.

India currently has over 850,000 independent pharmacy retail stores that are able to meet only 60% of the total domestic therapeutic demand. These traditional Brick and Mortal Retail pharmacies are currently responsible for 99% of the pharmaceutical sales annually with online pharmacy contributing to only 1% of the total therapeutic sales.

The online pharmacy market is slowly gaining momentum in the E-commerce industry space with it showing an impressive market penetration rate in both the rural and urban regions of India. Several entrepreneurs and investors are keen on taking the initiative to be a part of the rapidly rising E – pharmacy industry. Recent laws regarding the regulation of online pharmacy has led to impressive funding and investments in startups and ventures entering the Indian E – pharmacy segment. This presents an excellent opportunity for online pharmacies to exploit the lucrative segment for higher profitability.

The Indian E – pharmacy market growth is fuelled by the rise in the number of Indian population suffering from chronic clinical indications like diabetes, hypertension, Asthma and Obesity, leading to an increased demand for therapeutics. Further, government initiatives and programmes such as the digital India, Jan Aushadhi programmes for promotion of generic medicines, telemedicine and E – healthcare initiatives to provide quality healthcare and medications to rural parts of India (Where more than 60% of the Indian population Resides ) are key parameters that make the e- pharmacy segment, a burgeoning market of the future. Inspite of being a novel segment in the Indian E – commerce industry, it is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of over 20%, crossing the US$ 3 Billion mark by 2024.

KuicK Research Report on ‘India E-Pharmacy Market’ provides a detailed insight into the current scenario of the e-pharmacy in India. It provides an in-depth analysis of the market dynamics, trends, benefits and consumer behavior analysis of the segment with special emphasis on the key opportunity areas that yet remain untapped. The report also provides the latest and updated details regarding legal requirements and cost analysis of starting an online pharmacy in India. The report concludes with challenges that the Indian online pharmacy market currently faces and changes that could be made to ensure maximum profitability in this highly lucrative segment.

*** レポート目次(コンテンツ)***

1. E – Commerce & the Emergence of E – Pharmacy in India
1.1 Overview of Internet Usage & E – Commerce in India
1.2 E – Pharmacy – A Burgeoning Market

2. Vital Aspects of the Indian E – Pharmacy Industry
2.1 Objectives of the Indian E – Pharmacy Market
2.2 Benefits of E- Pharmacies to the Indian Healthcare Sector
2.3 Benefits of E – Pharmacies to Consumers (Patients)
2.4 Benefits of E – Pharmacy to Vendors

3. Telemedicine & E – Pharmacy: A boon for Rural Healthcare in India
3.1 Overview of Telemedicine in India
3.2 Role & Importance of E – Pharmacy in Telemedicine

4. Opportunities in the Indian E – Pharmacy Market
4.1 Employment Opportunities
4.2 Patient’s Accessibility to Therapeutics
4.3 Rise in Demand for Rare Therapeutics in both Urban & Rural Areas of India
4.4 Opportunity to Improve the Overall Healthcare Quality in India
4.5 E-Healthcare & Digital India Initiatives by Government
4.6 Internet Proliferation to Boost Online E-Pharmacy

5. Current Scenario of the Indian Pharmaceutical Market & the Role of E – pharmacy
5.1 Market Size of the Indian Pharmaceutical Sector
5.1.1 Increasing Burden of Non Communicable Disease in India
5.1.2 Economic Impact of Disease in India & Current Challenges
5.2 Role of E – Pharmacy in Providing Solution to Challenges Faced By Retail Pharmacy

6. Market Trends Supporting the Growth of E – Pharmacy in India
6.1 Rural & Urban Internet Users Growth
6.2 Rising Awareness among Indian Population Regarding Online Shopping

7. Types of E – Pharmacy Business Models
7.1 Inventory/Warehouse Based Model
7.2 Market Place Based Model

8. E – Pharma Supply Chain Overview
8.1 Getting Products (Pharmaceuticals) From Manufacturers to Warehouse & Warehouse Management
8.2 Dispensing, Packaging & Labeling of Pharmaceutical Product
8.3 Logistics & Delivery to End Destination
8.3.1 Outsourced Logistics
8.3.2 In House Logistic Operation
8.3.3 Brick & Mortar Online Retail
8.4 Delivery to Customers, Feedback & Customer Service

9. Starting an Online Pharmacy Store in India – Requirements & Cost Analysis
9.1 Technical Requirements
9.1.1 Consumer Interface & E – Pharmacy Website
9.1.2 E- Pharmacy Mobile Application
9.2 Staff Requirement (for a single Warehouse)
9.3 Other Key Requirements

10. Funding & Investment of Key Indian E – Pharmacies

11. Legal Requirements for Opening an Online E-Pharma Business
11.1 Rules Regarding Shipping of Drugs across Indian States
11.2 Rules Regarding Export of Drugs/Therapeutics to International Markets
11.3 Rules Concerning the E- Pharmacy Industry

12. Consumer Behavior Analysis & E – Pharmacy Market Potential
12.1 Consumer’s Perception Regarding E Pharmacy in India
12.2 Physician’s Perception Regarding E pharmacy

13. Growth Driving Parameters of the Indian E Pharmacy Market

14. Growth Restraining Factors of the Indian E – pharmacy Market

15. Future Forecast of E Pharmacy in India

16. Competitive Analysis of the Indian E- Pharmacy Market
16.1 NetMeds
16.2 1mg
16.3 Apollo Pharmacy
16.4 Healthkart
16.5 PharmEasy
16.6 MyraMed
16.7 MedsonWay
16.8 Care On Go
16.9 Metapharmacy.in
16.10 Medidart.com
16.11 Buydrug.in
16.12 Medplusmart
16.13 mChemist

Figure 1-1: India - Total Rural & Urban Internet Users (Million), 2018
Figure 1-2: Primary Effects of E – Commerce Industry in India
Figure 1-3: Overview - The Indian E Pharmacy Market
Figure 2-1: Key Objectives of the India E - Pharmacy market
Figure 2-2: Benefits of E - Pharmacy to the Indian Healthcare Sector
Figure 2-3: Most Common Clinical Indications in the Indian Population (%), 2018
Figure 2-4: India - Overview of Major Clinical Indications in the Indian Population (Million) 2018
Figure 2-5: Advantages of E-Pharmacies to Patients
Figure 2-6: Unique Features of E - Pharmacy
Figure 2-7: Benefits of E-Pharmacy to Vendors
Figure 3-1: Telemedicine in India - Info graphic
Figure 3-2: India - Number of Telemedicine Centers by Service Providers, 2018
Figure 3-3: Unique Features of Telemedicine
Figure 4-1: India E- Pharmacy - Opportunity Overview
Figure 4-2: Key Government Initiatives that Align with the Goals of E – Pharmacies
Figure 5-1: India - Revenue Share of India Pharma Industry (%), 2018
Figure 5-2: India - Pharmaceuticals Sales Overview (%), 2018
Figure 5-3: India - Comparative Therapeutic Consumption (%), 2018
Figure 5-4: India – Number of Patients Suffering from Non Communicable Disease (Million), 2018
Figure 5-5: India - Market Share by Key Therapeutic Category (%), 2018
Figure 5-6: India – Organized Retail Pharmacy Brands in India (Number of Stores), 2018
Figure 5-7: India – Organized Retail Pharmacy Market Share by Players (%), 2018
Figure 6-1: India – Internet Penetration in Rural & Urban Areas (%), 2017
Figure 6-2: India - Internet Usage Frequency in Urban Population (%), 2018
Figure 6-3: India - Internet Usage Frequency in Rural Population (%), 2018
Figure 6-4: India - Total Internet Users by Gender (%), 2018
Figure 6-5: India - Internet Users by Age (%), 2018
Figure 7-1: Warehouse Based Model of E - Pharmacy
Figure 7-2: Marketplace Based model of E - Pharmacy
Figure 8-1: E - Pharmacy - Supply Chain Overview
Figure 8-2: Overview of Logistic in E - Pharmacy
Figure 9-1: Average Cost of E-Pharmacy Website Development (US$ & INR), 2018
Figure 9-2: E- Commerce Website - Domain Name & Hosting Price (US$ & INR/year), 2018
Figure 9-3: Content Management System & Online Marketing Cost Analysis (US$ & INR), 2018
Figure 9-4: E-Commerce Website - Average Graphics Pricing (US$ & INR), 2018
Figure 9-5: India - Cost of Training Software Professionals (US$ & INR), 2018
Figure 9-6: E - Commerce Website - Allocation of time for Various Tasks (%)
Figure 9-7: E-Pharmacy Application - Estimated Developing Cost (US$ & INR), 2018
Figure 10-1: India - Number of Rounds & Funding Raised (US$ Million), 2015 - 2018
Figure 10-2: India - Total Funding Received by Private E - Pharmacy Companies (US$ Million), 2018
Figure 11-1: Overview of Legal Requirements concerning E – Pharmacy
Figure 12-1: India - E-Pharmacy - Perception of Consumers Sample Size
Figure 12-2: India - Frequency of Buying Medicine (%), 2018
Figure 12-3: India - Online Shopping Awareness & Usage by Age (%), 2018
Figure 12-4: India – Customer’s Pont of Purchase for Medicine (%), 2018
Figure 12-5: India - Medication Purchase by Clinical Indication (%), 2018
Figure 12-6: India - Monthly Expenditure of Patients on Medicines (%), 2018
Figure 12-7: India - Retail v/s Online Pharmacy - Consumer Preference (%), 2018
Figure 12-8: India - Website v/s Mobile Application Preference in Consumers (%), 2018
Figure 12-9: India - Medication Purchase for Chronic Conditions by Age (%), 2018
Figure 12-10: India - Consumer Perception regarding E –Pharma (%), 2018
Figure 12-11: India - Consumer Perception on Drawbacks of E – Pharmacy (%), 2018
Figure 12-12: India - Physicians Awareness Regarding Online Pharmacy (%), 2018
Figure 12-13: India - Physicians Perception Regarding Online Pharmacies (%), 2018
Figure 12-14: India - Physicians Perception on Online Medications (%), 2018
Figure 12-15: India – Physician Perception on Drawbacks Associated with E- Pharmacy (%), 2018
Figure 13-1: India – E – Pharmacy Growth Driving Parameters
Figure 14-1: E - Pharmacy in India - Challenges
Figure 15-1: Global - E - Pharmacy Future Forecast (US$ Billion), 2018 - 2024
Figure 15-2: India - Future Forecast of the Retail Pharmacy Market (US$ Billion), 2018
Figure 15-3: India - E - Pharmacy Market Opportunity (US$ Billion), 2018 – 2024

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