LTE Advanced 2014:市場現状と将来展望

◆英語タイトル:LTE Advanced 2014: State of the Market and Future Prospects
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*** レポート概要(サマリー)***

Referred to as Wideband LTE by T-Mobile, branded as XLTE by Verizon, LTE Advanced (LTE-A) is the next major step in the evolution of the Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology. It’s expected that the new technology will help in satisfying requirements for the increasing demand for the mobile data band and provides higher connectivity speeds for users. This means better mobile coverage, higher performance, and greater connection stability.

This research report provides a comprehensive market assessment for LTE-A technology, including the technology, competitive analysis, and market assessment. The report evaluates market opportunities, companies, and solutions with SWOT analysis. The report also provides a future outlook and a roadmap. All purchases of Mind Commerce reports includes time with an expert analyst who will help you link key findings in the report to the business issues you’re addressing. This needs to be used within three months of purchasing the report.

Bonus: All purchasers will also receive the following report at no charge: 5G Companies and Solutions: State of the Market and Technology 2014

Target Audience:
• Mobile network operators
• Broadband infrastructure providers
• Wireless device manufacturers and their suppliers
• Network optimization, OSS, and support companies
• Anyone who needs to understand the network and market for LTE

*** レポート目次(コンテンツ)***

Executive Summary 1
Background 5
Overview of Mobile Broadband 5
Overview 5
First Generation (1G) 6
1G Features 7
Second Generation (2G) 7
2G Features 9
2.5G Wireless System 9
2.75G (EDGE) Wireless System 10
2.75G Features 10
Third Generation (3G) 10
Fourth Generation (4G) 12
4G Features 12
Fifth Generation (5G) 13
5G Features 13
Long Term Evolution (LTE) 14
LTE Advanced 15
Overview 15
Major LTE-Advanced Features 18
Carrier Aggregation (CA) 18
Enhanced Uplink Multiple Access and Enhanced Multiple Antenna Transmission 19
Coordinated Multipoint Transmission and Reception (CoMP) 19
Home Enhanced-node-B (HeNB) Mobility Enhancements (HetNet) 20
Competitive Analysis (LTE-Advanced vs. WiMAX 2) 21
Network Nature 22
Using OFDMA 22
Adaptive Modulation and Coding 23
Conclusion 24
LTE-Advanced Market Drivers 25
Key Enabler for Growth 25
Increased Adoption of Mobile Broadband 25
Speed and Cost 26
Hardware 27
Major LTE-Advanced Players 29
LTE-Advanced Demonstration 29
LTE-Advanced Demonstrations Distribution by Country 37
LTE-Advanced Deployments (Active, Planned) 39
LTE-Advanced Deployments Distribution by Country 43
Future Outlook and Forecasts 45
More Capacity will be followed by Great Demand 45
Fifth Generation (5G) 46
Appendix 47
LTE Infrastructure Elements and Architecture 47
LTE Remote Radio Heads 48
LTE Base Station 49
LTE Femtocells 50
LTE Antenna Schemes 51
LTE RAN Infrastructure and Frequency Reuse 52
LTE EPC Infrastructure Elements 52
Serving and Packet Gateway 53
Mobility Management Entity 55
Policy and Charging Rules Function 55
IP Multimedia Subsystem 55
EPC and Core Network Equipment Reuse in LTE 56
LTE Architecture Details 57
Service Architecture 58
Layer 2 of LTE 59
Downlink Logical 60
Uplink Logical 61
Mobility Across eNBs 62

Figure 1: 1G Mobile Phone 7
Figure 2: 2G Specifications 9
Figure 3: 2G Mobile Phone 9
Figure 4: 3G Specifications 11
Figure 5: 3G Mobile Phone 11
Figure 6: 4G Mobile Phone 13
Figure 7: Release of 3GPP Specification 15
Figure 8: Key Radio Access Targets for LTE-Advanced as set by 3GPP 17
Figure 9: Upgrade from LTE to LTE-Advanced 17
Figure 10: Wireless Technology Evolution 21
Figure 11: Comparing Wireless Technologies based on Speed 25
Figure 12: Top Application Growth 26
Figure 13: Traffic Growth 26
Figure 14: End-users use WiFi Service when Available 27
Figure 15: LTE-Advanced Demonstrations and Trials by Country 2014 39
Figure 16: LTE Advanced Deployments by Country 44
Figure 17: LTE Advanced Deployments Target Speed (Maximum DL) (Mbps) 45
Figure 18: Mobile Traffic Forecast 2010 – 2020 45
Figure 19: LTE E-UTRAN Infrastructure Network Elements 48
Figure 20: LTE EPC Infrastructure Network Elements 53
Figure 21: Understanding LTE Network Elements and Channels 59

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