Mobile Virtual Network Enablers 2011: A Study of Functional Viability

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*** レポート概要(サマリー)***

Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) services represent the backbone of an Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO). These outsourced services include: Data Services, Content Management, Customer Relationship Management, Profile Management, Service Provisioning, Work Fulfillment, Billing, Invoice and Settlement, Revenue and Service Continuity Assurance, and many more. This report analyzes the influencing factors which can make or break MVNE services. The study involves ‘n’ existing MVNE’s and evaluating their offerings and includes information focused on the regions covered, type of customers served and performance report. A comparison matrix is provided as a reference and recommendation to help identify what MVNEs may thrive. This report builds upon Mind Commerce’s multi-year MVNE research with up-to-date analysis and inclusion of a MVNE case study with Elephant Talk.

*** レポート目次(コンテンツ)***

Introduction. 6

Entering the wireless market. 8

MVNO and MNO.. 9

Categories of MVNO.. 9

Insight of the Business Model and Prerequisites. 12

New Challenges and Solutions in the domain. 14

MVNO and MVNE Supply Chain Management. 15

Materialization of MVNE. 21

The “E” factor in MVNO.. 21

Ancestry of MVNE’s. 22

ASP. 23

IT companies. 24

Billing and mediation companies. 24

Content providers or content aggregators. 25

Hardware manufacturers & Infrastructure providers. 27

Service bureau or Managed communication services companies. 27

Importance of MVNE. 27

MNVO and MNVE Coupling. 29

MVNE Benefits. 31

Accelerated Time to Market. 31

Cost Analysis of Launching and Operating an MVNO by Using an MVNE. 31

Reduced Customer Acquisition Costs. 32

Reduced Operating Risk. 32

Key Services offered. 33

Choosing the MVNE. 35

Conclusion. 36

MVNE ? Mobile Virtual Network Enablers. 38

MVNE Business Strategy. 39

MVNEs Focusing on the Business Application. 40

Corporate service. 40

Voice services. 40

Applications. 41

Major Services Offered by the MVNE and their sources. 42

Handsets. 42

Radio Access, Core Networks. 43

Core Network Vendors. 43

Messaging Platforms. 44

Voicemail Platforms. 45

Content Providers. 46

OSS, BSS, and MSS. 47

MVNE: Service Offering Perspective. 49

Pro and Con Sides of the basic MVNE Services. 50

Prepaid. 51

Advantages. 51

Disadvantages. 52

Voip/voice. 52

Advantages. 52

Disadvantages. 52

Roaming. 54

Advantages. 54

Post paid. 54

Advantages. 55

Disadvantages. 55

Sms/mms. 55

Advantages. 55

Disadvantages. 56

Hybrid plan. 56

Advantages. 56

Disadvantages. 57

Uncessful MVNOs. 57

MVNE companies worldwide. 60

The potential and growth of MVNO/MVNE. 62

Evaluation Factors. 64

Role and service wise validation of notable MVNE. 69

Telspace. 69

Telcordia. 71

ElephantTalk. 73

Martin Dawes Systems. 74

Effortel 76

Transatel 78

Versent Mobile. 80

Visage Mobile. 82


Qualution Systems. 84


TTi Mobile. 88

Net Bromo. 90


Virtel 91

Acoreus. 92

Aql 94

Artilium.. 94

Aspider Solutions. 96

Convergys. 97

Cubic Telecom.. 99

Materna Communications. 101

mPortal 102

MVNO Partners. 103

Piranpartners. 104

QTEQ.. 106

Simfonics. 108

Sisteer. 110

Telogic. 113

Qualution. 115

Teleena. 117

Comparison Matrix based on Services. 118

MVNE Business Opportunities. 120

Market Revenues and Estimation for the MVNE Services. 121

World Market Forecasts Growth and Technology. 122

MVNE – The Current Scenario. 124

Future Trends. 126

Potential high profit Future MVNE Services. 127

Case Study on Elephant Talk. 128

Services. 129

Products. 130

ValidSoft Fraud prevention and security solutions. 133

Revenue. 138

Business and Growth Strategy for 2010 and Beyond. 138

Growth in Partnerships. 140

Landline Network Interconnect Partners. 140

Mobile Network Partners. 141

Roaming & LCR Wholesale Origination/Termination Partners. 141

Uniqueness. 141

Conclusion. 143

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