Non-Life Bancassurance in Europe: Commercial Lines

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Finaccord’s report titled Non-Life Bancassurance in Europe: Commercial Lines is a dedicated study of the distribution of insurance for business customers by banking institutions serving this constituency. The research is based on a survey of 370 business banks in ten territories in Europe: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, the Nordic region (comprising Denmark, Norway and Sweden), Portugal, Spain and the UK / Republic of Ireland. By means of this investigation, the report sheds unprecedented light on the extent of involvement of banks across Europe in the distribution of commercial lines policies, highlights the types of business insurance that they promote, clarifies the operating models that they use to compete in this market and identifies the underwriters and brokers with which they work to source commercial insurance policies. Types of business insurance policy covered by the research include: business interruption insurance; business loan payment protection insurance; commercial motor / fleet insurance; commercial property insurance; directors’ and officers’ liability insurance; general / product / public liability insurance; goods-in-transit / cargo insurance; key man insurance; legal expenses insurance; partnership / shareholder protection insurance; surety bonds; and trade credit insurance. In spite of the fact that over 80% of Finaccord’s sample of 370 business banks have at least some involvement in distributing insurance to business clients, this is the first time that a detailed study has ever been published on the subject in a market for commercial non-life insurance estimated to be worth in excess of ?130.0 billion in gross written premiums in 2005 across the territories covered by the research. Moreover, the PartnerBASE? database which accompanies the publication offers a thorough means of researching current practice commercial lines bancassurance on a bank-by-bank, country-by-country or product-by-product basis. As such, this report and the associated PartnerBASE? database constitute the most detailed research into bank-oriented distribution of business insurance that has ever been completed on a published basis at the pan-European level.

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