◆英語タイトル:United Arab Emirates Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals December 2013
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*** レポート概要(サマリー)***

The United Arab Emirates (UAE)’s pharmaceutical industry remains highly import-reliant, with local production accounting for around 15% of total drugs sold in the country. Thanks to a per capita GDP comparable to many developed nations, the average Emirati consumer is able to exercise a preference for branded imported drugs, giving multinationals an edge over local competitors, though the government has launched schemes for raising awareness for the availability of domestically-produced generics.
Progress has been slow, however, as much of this domestic production is often destined for export, meaning expenditure on branded goods remains high. Despite government efforts to reduce the prices of drugs for the general public, including a scheme to cut the prices of over 500 drugs by 20% in 2011, prices remain high through 2012.

*** レポート目次(コンテンツ)***

Map of the United Arab Emirates 2
Executive Summary 5
Industry Structure 6
Market Overview 7
Figure: Public Healthcare Expenditure (% of total expenditure) 7
Figure: GCC Per Capita Healthcare Expenditure 8
Figure: Healthcare Spending (% of GDP) 8
Figure: Impact of Demographic Change on Health Spending 9
Figure: GCC Healthcare Infrastructure 10
Figure: Medical Facilities per 1,000 Inhabitants 10
Figure: Overweight Individuals (% of population) 11
Figure: GCC Diabetes Prevalence 12
Figure: Pharmaceutical Sales (% of GDP) 13
Figure: Top 15 Global Pharmaceutical Companies 14
Private Hospitals 15
Insurance 15
Branded Prescription Medications 15
Generic and Over-the-Counter Drugs 16
Medical Devices 17
Medical Tourism 17
Key Players 18
Economic Overview 22
Figure: Trading Economics 22
Figure: GDP per Capita 23
Figure: Government Debt (% of GDP) 24
Figure: Balance of Trade 24
Challenges to Industry 25
SWOT Chart 28
Projections 29
Figure: Economic Projections 29
Figure: Industry Projections 29
Needs Assessment 30
MENA-Wide Overview 31
Figure: MENA Healthcare Market 31
Figure: Growth in Demand for Hospital Beds 32

*** 掲載企業 ***

Al Noor Hospitals
Al Zahra Hospitals
American Hospital Dubai
AXA Gulf
Belhoul Lifecare
Cleveland Clinic
Emaar Properties
GE Healthcare
Gulf Pharmaceutical Company
Jebel Ali Hospital
Mulk Holdings
Prime Healthcare Group
Zulekha Healthcare Group

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