• 主な調査対応産業:化学、医療、自動車、情報通信、バイオ、物流、サービスなど多様
  • 主な調査対応地域:グローバル
SpendEdge shares your passion for driving sourcing and procurement excellence. SpendEdge acts as a global strategic partner for leading Fortune 500 firms and other leading companies across industries. Our strength lies in delivering robust, real-time procurement market intelligence that helps sourcing and procurement professionals make informed decisions. Our innovative procurement solutions help enterprises transform structural capabilities, improve execution efficiency, and fast-track time to savings.

Every business needs smart procurement intelligence to stay at the top of their game; SpendEdge provides actionable insights utilizing lean methodology to help enterprises make better purchasing decisions. We provide businesses with the precise combination of resources, tools, and techniques to help them redefine sourcing and procurement capabilities. We cover a wide spectrum of industries starting from pharmaceutical and life sciences to transportation with expertise in supply market intelligence, spend analysis and benchmarking, supply chain risk assessment, and category management.

Why choose SpendEdge?
- Actionable insights and smarter procurement
- Procurement best practices assessment
- Risks and mitigation strategies
- Customized solutions to fit exact requirements