TechSci Research(テックサイリサーチ)

TechSci Research(テックサイリサーチ)
  • 主な調査対応産業:エネルギー、インフラ、化学、環境、自動車、IT、通信、消費財、食品、電子、産業機械など多様
  • 主な調査対応地域:グローバル
TechSci Research is a research based management consulting firm providing market research and advisory solutions to its customers worldwide, spanning a range of industries.

TechSci Research’s core values are value, integrity and insight. Led by a team of dynamic industry experts, TechSci Research provides its customers with high value market research and advisory services that helps them identify new market opportunities, growth engines and innovative ways to capture the market share. As a result, TechSci’s client leads rather than follow market trends. Not bound by legacy, TechSci’s cutting-edge research model leverages its decades of research knowledge and an increased use of technology as engines of innovation to deliver unique research value. Provided as an alternative to traditional market research, TechSci Research reports do not just deliver data and knowledge rather highlights the insights in a more usable and interactive format for its clients.

TechSci Research is committed to assisting customers worldwide with their unique market research needs by providing them with comprehensive, value-added solutions and professional market intelligence services. TechSci Research employs the industry’s best-trained industry Analysts and Consultants, which advises and assists customers in meeting their full service market research and consulting requirements.

Leading organizations use TechSci Research for meeting strategic business goals and making informed business decisions.

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