◆英語タイトル:New Frontiers in the Spanish Cancer Diagnostics Market: Business Challenges, Emerging Technologies, Competitive Landscape
◆発行会社/調査会社:Venture Planning Group
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Complete report $6,700.  DataPack (test volumes, sales forecasts, supplier shares) $4,350.

“New Frontiers in the Spanish Cancer Diagnostics Market: Business Challenges, Emerging Technologies, Competitive Landscape” is Venture Planning Group’s new study of the major business opportunities emerging in the Spanish cancer diagnostics market during the next five years.  The report examines trends in the Spanish cancer diagnostics markets, reviews current and emerging assays; analyzes potential applications of new diagnostic technologies; forecasts sales of major tumor markers by market segment; profiles leading players and potential market entrants; and identifies specific business opportunities for suppliers.


The cancer diagnostics market is on the verge of explosion, as the researchers approach major technological breakthroughs in tumor diagnosis and therapy, discover new specific antigens, and unlock the mystery of the genetic basis of the disease.  During the next five years, the worldwide cancer diagnostics market is promising to be an exciting, dynamic and rapidly expanding field.  Anticipated technological breakthroughs will create numerous opportunities for determining genetic predisposition, detecting specific tumors, and monitoring biological response to cancer therapy.  The rise in geriatric population will further compound the growing demand for malignancy assays and the rapid market expansion worldwide.

Spain Market Overview

- Five-year test volume and sales projections.

- Comprehensive market segmentation analysis, including review
of the market dynamics, structure, size, growth and major suppliers.

- Estimated universe of laboratories performing cancer diagnostic testing.

- Cancer statistics, etiology and recent developments.

Business Opportunities and Strategic Recommendations

- Specific new product development opportunities with potentially
significant market appeal during the next five years.

- Design criteria for new products.

- Alternative market penetration strategies.

- Potential market entry barriers and risks.

Over 200 Current and Emerging Cancer Diagnostic Test

- Biochemical Markers
- Oncogenes
- Growth Factors
- Hormones
- Colony Stimulating Factors
- Lymphokines
- Immunohistochemical Stains, and others.

- ACTH, AFP, Beta-2 Microglobulin, CA 15-3/27.29, CA 19-9, CA 125, Calcitonin, Cathepsin, CEA,
Chromogranin, Colon-Specific Antigen, Cytokeratins, Estrogen Receptor, Ferritin, Gastrin, HCG,
Insulin, Interferons, Interleukins, Lymphocyte Subtyping, Neuron-Specific Enolase, Nucleolar,
Occult Blood, Oncogenes, Pancreatic Oncofetal Antigen, Pap Smear, Parathyroid Hormone,
Progesterone Receptor, Prostatic Acid Phosphatase, Prostatic Specific Antigen, S-100 Protein,
Serotonin, Sialic Acid, Squamous Cell Carcinoma Ag, TDT, Thymidine Kinase, Thyroglobulin,
Tissue Polypeptide Antigen, and others.

Supplier Shares, Sales and Volume Forecasts

- Sales and market shares of major cancer diagnostic product
suppliers by individual test.

- Five-year test volume and sales forecasts
for major tumor markers by market segment, including:

- Hospitals
- Commercial/Private Laboratories

Instrumentation Review

- Analysis of major molecular diagnostic and immunodignostic analyzers
used for cancer testing, including their operating characteristics,
features and selling prices.

Technology Assessment

- Assessment of latest molecular diagnostic methods,
biochips/microarrays, biosensors, monoclonal antibodies, immunoassays,
chromosome analysis, IT, artificial intelligence, flow cytometry, and other technologies
and their potential applications for cancer diagnostic testing.

- Review of competing/complementing technologies, including
CT, MRI, NMR, PET and photonics spectroscopy.

- Extensive listings of companies, universities
and research centers developing new cancer diagnostic tests
and detection technologies.

Competitive Strategies

- Strategic assessments of major suppliers
and start-up firms developing innovative
technologies and products, including their sales,
product portfolios, marketing tactics, collaborative
arrangements, and new products in R&D.

- The companies analyzed in the report include 

   - Abbott
   – AdnaGen
   – Agilent Technologies
   – Applied Gene Technologies
   – Arca/Nuvelo
   – Beckman Coulter/Danaher
   – Becton Dickinson
   – Biomedical Diagnostics
   – bioMerieux
   – Bio-Rad
   – CellSearch
   – Cepheid
   – Correlogic Systems/Vermillion
   – Decode
   – Diadexus
   – Diagnocure
   – DiaSorin
   – Eiken Chemical
   – Epigenomics
   – Enterix
   – Enzo Biochem
   – Exact Sciences
   – Fujirebio/Innogenetics
   – Guided Therapeutics
   – Hologic/Gen-Probe
   – Kreatech
   – Kyowa Medex
   – Mackay Life Sciences
   – Myriad Genetics
   – Nanogen Elitech
   – OncoLab
   – Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics
   – Panacea Pharmaceuticals
   – Polartechnics
   – Polymedco
   – PreMD
   – Qiagen/Ipsogen
   – Quest Diagnostics
   – Radient Pharmaceuticals
   – Roche
   – Scienion
   – Sequenom
   – Siemens Healthcare
   – Takara Bio
   – Targeted Diagnostics & Therapeutics
   – Thermo Fisher/Life Technologies
   – Tosoh
   – Veridex
   – Wako Pure Chemicals
   – Wallac/PE
   – Zilla

Contains 565 pages and 85 tables

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