Inkwood Research(インクウッドリサーチ)

Inkwood Research(インクウッドリサーチ)
  • 主な調査対応産業:医療、バイオ、化学、材料、自動車、電子など多様
  • 主な調査対応地域:グローバル
Inkwood Research is the leading provider of market research reports, trusted by more than 100+ satisfied customers. We are passionate about our products as well as our customers and it shows in the level of service that we provide. We are always happy to help find the solution for your needs and if a solution doesn’t exist, we create one.

Our complete end-to-end spectrum of consulting and advisory service offerings driven by subject matter experts provide a comprehensive, research-based view crucial for overcoming market challenges that are not only sustainable over the long-term, but ones that truly drive growth upwards.

Inkwood Research looks at a plethora of data points from diverse sources to show client: customer-centric value proposition.

With their broad areas of expertise, our team of consultants advise clients on a range of strategy issues, bringing to the table a 360 degree view of marketing, deep industry knowledge, analytical expertise and turn that into a business advantage.

Here At Inkwood Research, We Live and Breathe Marketing.

With a holistic view of a business, based on analytics and the development of strategic objectives, they combine inventive thinking, Evidence-based philosophy, as opposed to opinion with collaboration in execution and agility.

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